Connection between words & feelings

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Aloha dear reader!
Today was our last day with Kevin Norris about worship and it’s biblical basis!
And I think he spoke about another really important thing. He showed up how feelings are connected to words and how this influences worship!
There are different kind of feelings. Not every feeling of the sam intensity, there are shallow feelings and deep feelings! So when someone tells you, you are stupid, that might hurt you a bit, but if someone dies, that is a deep pain so there are different levels of feelings connected to the words!
Words trigger feelings in our hearts. Not every word triggers the same feeling in everyone’s heart, but words do have power! —> Proverbs 25,11, Proverbs 4,23
We need to see that feelings and emotions are a gift that is supposed to help us find out what is going on with us, it’s…

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