Travel, like all great adventures comes with a price. Missed flights, lost luggage, and broken hearts. We come home, clinging to whatever memories we have left.

My dear sole sister once wrote why travelers are drawn to sunsets. We drive for miles and hike up mountains just to experience it from the best perpective. We tirelessly chase the sun just to watch it fade away. “It’s a bittersweet metaphor so blindingly beautiful, but lasts only for the briefest of moments. You blink and then it’s gone.” But no matter how exhausting, we do it all over again anyway. For what other choice do we have?

A bittersweet reminder that I once let go of all my fears, despite knowing that our time together was limited. But I’m keeping it anyway, because it also reminds me that all these goodbyes haven’t turned me into cold heartless soul. If anything, it reminds me to live fully in the present with the hope that someday, I’ll find a love worth crossing oceans for.



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