Yang menyebabkan seseorang tidak mampu mengikhlaskan mantan adalah kegagalan pikiran menyadari akan hukum keutuhan. Maksudnya, hanya mau mendapatkan, dan tidak mau melepaskan. Hanya mau bertemu dan terus bersama, dan menolak perpisahan, serta kesendirian. Padahal untuk hidup dibutuhkan keduanya.
Napas mengingatkan saya akan hukum keutuhan ini. Manusia hidup karena menarik napas, mendapatkan, lalu menghembuskan napas, melepaskan. Bisa bayangkan kalau manusia terus-terusan hanya menarik napas, mendapatkan? Manusia tidak akan bisa hidup kalau maunya hanya menarik napas, mendapatkan.
Jadi kalau memang berniat hidup dan ikhlas melepaskan mantan, saya butuh melatih pikiran menyadari bahwa diri ini tidak bisa melarikan diri dari hukum keutuhan.
Ada waktunya mendapatkan seseorang tercinta, ada waktunya ikhlas melepaskannya. Ketika pasangan hidup memiliki kelebihan, ia akan selalu disertai dengan kekurangan. Gembira selalu diikuti dengan sedih. Di mana ada puncak gunung, di situ ada jurang. Bahkan semakin tinggi gunung, maka jurangnya pun pasti semakin curam dan dalam.
Saya sepakat dengan kata Pramoedya Ananta Toer, “Seorang terpelajar harus sudah berbuat adil sejak dalam pikiran …”. Begitu pun, “Ikhlas melepaskan mantan harus sudah dilakukan sejak dalam pikiran …”

Believe in Your Value

Take a minute and look into your heart. How do you feel about yourself? If your answer does not agree with God’s Word, I encourage you to begin today renewing your mind about yourself.

See yourself as God sees you. Study God’s Word and you will find out that you are precious, created in your mother’s womb by God’s own hand. You are not an accident. Even if your parents told you they never really wanted you, I can assure you that God wanted you. You are valuable, you have worth, you are gifted, you are talented, and you have a purpose on this earth.

Not only must we ask God for things He has promised us but we must receive them (see John 16:24). If you feel unworthy, you probably won’t ask, and even if you do, you won’t receive by faith. Don’t let feelings rule you anymore. Take a step of faith and start improving your quality of life today. Believe that you make good decisions, that you are a valuable person with a great future, and something good is going to happen to you today!

Pray: Lord, I ask You to imprint Your love into the depths of my heart. I believe You have a great future for me and that I can walk in Your purpose for my life. Amen.

From the book The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2011 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Worship Leading

1. The difference between preparing and not preparing is MASSIVE.
Apart from knowing the songs and learning the lyrics, setting aside time to prepare my heart before God is the most important thing — it allows the Holy Spirit to speak, puts a verse on my heart, and gives me ideas.

2. Receive constructive feedback.
From those around you who have been doing this for longer than you. I want to lead people the best way I can each time, plus I don’t know everything so I need to remain humble and teachable.


3. Have a plan.
If you don’t play an instrument, grab the Music Director, or a musician and together, figure out the keys of the songs you’ve chosen, any potential creative moments you might have, specific transitions, etc. That way you have a plan in place that has been practiced, but you also have flexibility to change if you feel to do so.

4. Have an opinion.
Especially if you’re a co-worship leader. When the senior worship leader asks you what you think of a song, idea, or moment – have something to contribute! You could have a great idea that no one has thought of yet.

5. Run your song list by someone else.
I always get a second eye to look over my list, just to make sure it’s the strongest and most relevant it can be. This can mean you may need to tailor a song list to a specific service and then tweak it slightly for the next one.

6. Don’t strive when you lead, but don’t step back either.
Lead with the authority that has been given to you. Yes, there is a spiritual weight to the platform, which includes the responsibility we have to lead people to Jesus, but lead confidently knowing you’ve been given the platform and entrusted by your pastors.

7. You will have a train wreck and you will be okay.
A close friend and mentor told me this and a week later, I had a beauty! Don’t stress – it keeps you humble and you learn from it, plus they make for great stories!

8. Watch, listen and learn every chance you get.
We never graduate from learning.

9.  Your primary service to the church is to lead them to the presence of God.
Don’t think for a second that worship leading is your moment to shine or preach, especially when you are taking ‘the gap’.  If it adds to the service and allows you to arrest the atmosphere, then do it; but if it takes away from Jesus and what your primary purpose is, leave it out.

10. Be yourself.
You are unique and God speaks to each of us differently, so lead accordingly. God has put something on your life, so lead from that place.

Source: http://hillsong.com/blogs/collected/2014/september/10-things-ive-learned-about-worship-leading#.VHOxq_mSwrU

Your Desk Job Matters

Corporate jobs may be frowned upon by many millennials, but they’re still meaningful to God.

“Yeah, you’re a bit of a YUP,” my friend smiled. I stared back at him, confused.

“What? Really? No way. You think?” I responded, contemplating the claim.

“Think about it. You work downtown. Have your own car. You’re buying your own house soon. You dress up every day and you work in a big office building. Young? Check. Urban? Check. Professional? Check.”

“I guess you’re right.” I paused, chuckling. “But I’m not your typical YUP. I’m just your regular guy.” Defenses up, I did my best to avoid the stereotype of one of those stuffy entitled guys in a suit, recalling my journalism days and my dreams for the future.

“Oh for sure.” He said. “But does it matter if you’re a YUP or not? You’re there for a reason, God’s using your gifts and you’re following His direction, right? You’re in the right place so long as you keep faith, trust in God and seek to show His love to the people you work with.”

My friend had a point. Most twentysomethings, especially those in the the Church, want to do something meaningful with their life—and they often think that translates directly into working in full-time ministry, dedicating their life to creating art or starting their own nonprofit. All those things are worthwhile and good goals, but looking around my church at the twentysomethings who are making a lot of big life decisions, rarely do I see an example of a young millennial who has gone the traditional route of a four-year college degree to find themselves in a cubicle on the 11th floor—or at least who are happy being there. It isn’t the ideal of many who seek to serve the Kingdom of God.

Having worked in a corporate setting for a few years, I’ve often questioned why I still walk to the same desk every day.

Corporate work offers many opportunities to serve God, to show love to people and to be a good steward of what you’ve been given.

But while our communities and churches certainly benefit from photographers, artists, writers, musicians, artisans, chefs, carpenters, fire-fighters, hard-laborers, entrepreneurs and small-business owners, those who have found themselves in a corporate gig have just as much to contribute to both the Church and the Kingdom as any other talented individual. In fact, corporate work offers many opportunities to serve God, to show love to people and to be a good steward of what you’ve been given. Here are a few reasons your corporate job matters:

1. It’s a Place to Exercise Your Gifts.

Maybe you’re naturally good with money, or you’re an excellent copywriter. You have a knack for creating sound business plans, handling budgets and organizing people. Whatever your gifting may be in terms of your professional skills, your corporate position may be the perfect place to exercise and develop those gifts. Often, organizations will even pay for your professional development or schooling in order to advance you in the company or give you greater responsibility. And the demands of the corporate business world also call for the application of sound biblical principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, a solid work ethic and a love for people, including colleagues and customers.

If you’ve found yourself in a corporate setting, take a step back and examine your circumstance. You have skills and talents that got you there. In what ways can you honor those God-given gifts, where you are, right now?

2. It Provides Ways to Serve the Church With Your Expertise.

Church isn’t just a place to show up once or twice a week. It’s a gathering of a diverse collection of people to worship God together, to learn of God’s Word together, to serve our communities together. It’s also the living, breathing Body of Christ.

Every single person has the ability to contribute to the health of the Church, and your corporate experience and gifts might be exactly what the Church needs. You have the ability to help someone get their small business running, assist a local business with marketing, bring your organization or leadership skills to your church’s next conference or children’s event and even use your accounting skills to help your church balance its budget.

You probably know more than you think, and you can use that knowledge to help the Church and Body of Christ in ways that others simply cannot.

Your corporate job gives you insight into standard business practices that others can benefit from. You probably know more than you think, and you can use that knowledge to help the Church and Body of Christ in ways that others simply cannot.

3. It Offers Opportunities to Reach the Unreached.

As a follower of Christ, you have influence in your place of work. In every office, there is someone who needs to know the love of Jesus, who needs to hear the message of the Cross, who needs someone like you to speak truth and life into their circumstance. This is perhaps your biggest opportunity to find purpose in your corporate work. God can and will use you to reach people in finance, accounting, marketing, advertising—whatever the field.

Rather than looking at corporate work as the evil scourge of the earth (though you certainly want to make sure your personal values align with an organization’s corporate values), riding the elevator to the 11th floor every day may be exactly where God needs you to develop your spiritual character, your gifts and to reach those who are broken, empty and living without knowing their Savior.

Your corporate job matters so long as you keep in mind what you are putting in and what you are getting out of it. As long you’re developing, learning, reaching others and honoring the Lord by doing work with excellence and fervor, that gray cubicle may be the exact place you need to be.

Source: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/maker/your-desk-job-matters